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Dynamic Staffing Solution Nepal Pvt. Ltd is a reputed name in the industry of manpower consultants and recruiting agencies in Nepal. It is located in Samakhusi, Kathmandu and has been registered under the department of labour, Nepal with an approved licence no. of 896/067/68. Since then, the company has set up a benchmark in the HR recruitment sector and has been remarkably successful in developing a fertile business relationship with prominent companies overseas. Despite being newly registered, the manpower agency is led by a team of experts with significant expertise in the recruitment sectors providing fresh exposure and an experienced team to have your back.

Message from the Managing Director

I take immense pleasure in offering you a warm welcome to the Dynamic Staffing Solution family. 
Our main motto of “Exploring employment opportunities for Nepalese manpower in the international business industry” is a reflection of our aspirations to connect foreign industries with Nepalese local manpower, which can ideally complement each other.Our core values remain to maintain great transparency, efficiency, promptness and good governance with the foreign industries. We have a dedicated team of employees, not to mention an office with ultra-modern facilities to serve our valued job-holders to the best.

Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude for choosing Dynamic Staffing Solution Nepal Pvt Ltd as your business partner. I’m excited about our collaboration and hope for a long-lasting and fruitful business.

Mr Bishnu Kumar Shrestha

Message from the Operational Director

My warmest greetings to our dear clients, foreign employment seekers, and all our well-wishers.
We, as the Directors of Dynamic Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd., take great pride in introducing this organization as one of the most prominent manpower recruitment agencies in the country. Duly registered at the Department of Foreign Employment, Government of Nepal for the legal recruitment of Nepalese workers, Dynamic Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a well-organized establishment with committed staff and financial sound investors. 
As foreign employment and remittance occupy a major part of the nation’s economy, our company strives to keep serving the country by expanding job opportunities for Nepalese workers. At the same time, our efforts to providing promising services to client companies abroad have helped us create a valuable status and name for our company in the manpower recruitment industry.
Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both our foreign employment providers and internal parties who have regularly remained in touch with us for the promotion and support of our organization.
Mr. Ujwal Bhandari

Message from the Chairman

We are pleased to let you know that the professional team at Dynamic Staffing Solution Nepal Pvt. Ltd aims to shoulder all the responsibilities in providing required workers to our clients within set deadlines. We hope to nurture mutual understanding within the involved parties to ensure a collaborative success for everyone involved in the business. We also have been able to offer the best and deserving individual talents to various working sectors. We also look forward to sustaining a healthy business relationship and are very grateful for receiving your feedback and support.

Mr. Karna Raj Katuwal

Message from the CEO

Dynamic Staffing Solution is committed to provide employment opportunities to as many people as possible from our clients throughout the globe. We are driven to provide skilled and motivated workers to our clients. Our one of many objectives is to increase the country's economy as we know how much of importance the remittance we receive from the jobs we provide to our workers plays part in it.

We promise and deliver to our word of balancing both sides of the spectrum i:e; employment opportunities and clients satisfaction.

Mr. Basu Dev Bhandari

Message from the Administrative Director

Exceeding the bar we have set as a standard in the market and raising it for the last decade and the ones to come. 

Dynamic Staffing solutions is beholden to the first and only rule of the employment industry i:e Quality of work. We provide excellent services from the top level staff that are dedicated to their work for providing services of excellent caliber to all of our benefactors.

Mr Mohan Kumar Thapa

Message from the Marketing Manager

I am Bashu Dev Shrestha, Marketing Manger of Dynamic Staffing Solution Nepal Pvt. Ltd. I have working in this company since the establishment of this company in 2010 A.D. This company feels like a home to me and gives me extra energy working here. 

Bashu Dev Shrestha


We are pleased to inform you all that we are the leading manpower agency here in heart of Nepal, Kathmandu since the establishment of this company in 2010 AD with the join effort of our partners. I take an immense pleasure to be a part of this company as MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE since 2017 AD. 



  • To provide global overseas employment opportunities for Nepalese workers.
  • Help to uplift country’s economic standard/status by providing qualified manpower to the different parts of world.
  • To help share, learn and explore further advancement for Nepalese existing manpower.
  • To provide efficient and effective human resources for product oriented job.


  • Integrity - Doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’re going to do it, treating each other, clients and candidates with respect. Having respect for ourselves and pride in our work.
  • Culture - We believe in our client’s interest and put satisfaction before profit. We are solutions driven and are rigorous in our standards. We are determined to provide a distinctive client experience.
  • Responsiveness - Performing to the targets we set ourselves as individuals, teams and as an organization. Being at the forefront of our industry, producing the best for clients and candidates when it matters to them.
  • Resourcefulness - Using all of our collective resources to solve problems and constantly innovate. Offering clients and candidates the best solution to their problems. Sharing knowledge and skills, helping each other to be the best.
  • Ethics - At Bold manpower, we expect our people to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do. Client confidentiality is at the heart of our business. We embed and adhere to standards of corporate governance which we believe sets us apart from others. We are trusted.


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